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Protc 300x300 by talon-serena

It's done! I think. It tried to kill me and took about twelve hours more than I thought it would, but Prophecy of the Circle has been successfully overhauled and moved to new hosting! Whewph. Take a look at it if you dare. Hopefully it's done giving me major server errors.

Prophecy of the Circle: New Fresh Lemon Scent

Now tomorrow I overhaul Patreon and then get back to making comics for my now dwindling buffer...

Weekends? What are weekends?! 



Inktober 16 - Nom.
Feeling under the weather when I drew this one. There's been a flu going around work and I was fighting it off with copious amounts of vitamin C. So much C. To match my dwindling energy levels, that day's doodle was, in the words of Tim, smol. Yet larg.

I actually picked my mom's brain for the prompt this time. So far I've been dismal at coming up with my own ideas, but good at carrying out what others suggest. Whatever works! I took a few liberties with this one though..

Mom: "What's the prompt?"
Me: "Fat."
Mom: *starts snickering*
Me: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?"
Mom: "I just thought..  well, Dune, y'know..."
Me: "I am not drawing Baron Harkonnen!" D: D: D:

But you can have a pudgy, hungry sandworm. Walk without rhythm or he'll get yer toes.

-- Originally posted to Patreon on October 16th --
Inktober #15 - I Am Gray
I stand between the candle and the star.

Tim and I are well on our way through watching Babylon 5 right now. Urrrggggh, such good writing! It hurts me in such good ways. I never watched it when it was on TV (the pilot apparently scared wee tiny me and I refused to see it again until I was an adult) but I've since collected the whole thing on DVD and watched it through a couple of times.

Nothing quite as mysterious as the Gray Council... or most things Minbari, really.

-- Originally posted to Patreon on October 15 --
Chapter Three: Jamet's Story: Page 92
Prophecy of the Circle: Tangent. For more info see the official site at

Prophecy of the Circle Navigation
First: ProtC Prologue: Page One

Chapter Three: Jamet's Story Navigation
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Inktober #14 - Aqua Taqua
A really old character who I haven't visited in an awfully long time, but if anyone fits the definition of fierce, it was her. You wouldn't know her, I'm sure (unless you're one of my friends). She was my main on World of Warcraft way back in the day when I still played. I haven't touched WoW since the Pandaria expansion. Just hasn't been worth the monthly fee anymore. .... I also definitely don't have time for that level of gaming anymore, to be honest. Sometimes I really miss it, all the same. :(

That was kind of my gaming glory days. I was on an RP server (Earthen Ring!) and I've always loved the trolls, ever since they first appeared in the old strategy games of the 90's. Taqua was never supposed to be my main, but I ended up really enjoying playing a rogue... Then I got into role playing with a bunch of other trolls, the Bloodspear Trolls who I think later became known as the Shadowspear Trolls, and at one point I was leading the guild?! It was wild. It was fun. I know where some of my buddies from back then have ended up, but others I'm left to wonder.

Good times! Ugh, someday I can only hope to have that kind of free time again.

-- Originally posted to Patreon on October 15th --
Inktober #13 - Full of Stars
I still haven't gotten past Riven, despite owning the last three Myst games. Those first two were the best for me. Even more so is the somewhat obscure novels, which I adored. My copy of The Book of Ti'ana has been read so many times through that I think one more is going to break its spine (and then woe is me, because the damn thing's sorely out of print and then I'll only have it as an ebook...).

My favorite scene by far is when Atrus sees rain for the first time in The Book of Atrus, and when it fills the cleft with water and the reflection of the sky makes it look as if he could go swimming among the stars themselves. And then the desert afterwards, covered in flowers. That's what I thought of when I saw the word "teeming" as a prompt.

-- Originally posted to Patreon on October 15 --



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